Top 7 Social Media Marketing Apps in 2021

If you want your social media marketing to be effective, investing in the right apps and software is essential. Targeting social media is the initial step for most business owners, and you need to consider the same for your business. Leveling up your social media game will help you to improve your brand visibility, authority, … Read more

Social Media Automation for Real Estate

It’s time for get serious about social media automation for real estate. Why? Because there are only so many hours in a day, and social media marketing is crucial to any modern real estate business. There are multiple ways to cut back on the time you spend cultivating and tending to your social… Continue Reading

Official looking Samsung Galaxy S21 FE specs and marketing materials leak online

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE has yet to launch, but after months of rumoured delays, it’s not surprised that the device’s full specifications and marketing images have leaked. This latest leak reveals that the phone sports a 6.4-inch FHD+ 120Hz OLED display with Gorilla Glass and an in-display fingerprint scanner. The device features a plastic rear … Read more

Taylor Swift does not know who Grimace is, apparently

Genuine question: Is Taylor Swift completely unfamiliar with Grimace, the purple McDonalds’ mascot who has been a staple of the restaurant chain’s marketing since 1971?Swift appeared on The Tonight Show to promote her latest re-recorded album Red (Taylor’s Version), ahead of her fifth turn as musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend. But she … Read more

What to do when your fav becomes cringe

When Ed Sheeran popped up on my TikTok For You Page earlier this week, I was hit with a gust of emotion so powerful I felt like I was forcefully thrown back to 2012. In the video, user @niccoya says she doesn’t know, “who made the executive decision that we all hate Ed Sheeran, but … Read more

Expert Social Media Marketing Predictions For 2022

This past year has certainly given social media marketers plenty to chew on as they set strategy and allocate budget for 2022.Snapchat emerged as a major player in social media marketing, growing revenue 57% YoY, achieving its first billion-dollar quarter, and increasing daily active users to… Continue Reading