Best Christmas Digital Ad Campaigns

With the festive season just around the corner, businesses out there are already planning on convincing customers to purchase more. Indeed, online marketing exerts one of the greatest influences on consumers on what and how they are purchasing. This is the reason why modern businesses are… Continue Reading

Edge Computing Integrated with Blockchain

Sheraline Barthelmy Sheraline is the head of product, marketing and customer success at Cox Edge, an edge cloud startup from Cox Communications. At Cox Edge, she’s focused on developing the tools and systems that customers and developers rely on to build the next generation of edge… Continue Reading

Find your authentic leadership persona

Weaving Influence is a full-service digital marketing agency. Since launching 10 years ago, Weaving Influence has helped clients launch more than 150 books, carving its niche in working with authors, thought leaders, coaches, consultants, trainers, nonprofit leaders and speakers to market their… Continue Reading

Jack Daniel’s readies a new music marketing strategy

Jack Daniel’s has hired Amplify to help the brand diversify beyond rock’n’roll and launch a new music strategy focused on hybrid events.Yesterday the whisky brand debuted its latest music event, the Make It Count Sessions, developed by creative agency Amplify to help the brand reach more fans and… Continue Reading

What Is an OLED evo Panel?

If you’ve looked for a new OLED TV recently, there is a good chance you have come across a new display marketing term called “OLED evo.” It promises to be brighter than traditional OLED panels. Here’s what it actually means.Read This Article on How-To Geek › Continue Reading

The Riches is Not in The Niches

In marketing, everyone says you need to pick a niche. And mainly because people believe the following things… It is easier to market when you pick a niche (fewer competitors) Easier to make money (fewer competitors) You can get traction faster from a monetary standpoint (fewer competitors) In other words, you make money faster because … Read more